Exam week = I will cry and be on tumblr a lot :)

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Leave her the fuck alone anon >:O

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tumblr is not place for hate, go back on facebook shitty anon

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Woah woah woah anon calm it

<3333333 I love you guys

Been a while since someone sent me anon hate

Don’t you hate it when your victim tries to escape?

really really really really fucking important assessment tomorrow. i can’t even emphasize how important it is…

Wow the party i went to yesterday was so much fun. I always forget to update tumblr but my weekends are just crazy

I passed my remake test with a 9 out of 10 :) which would be an A+ !

i’m sorry but i’m too tired and way to busy to spend time on tumblr lately. I’m making days from 08:30 till 21:45 at school and I have to cook and do my laundry etc. 

Went home for lunch. Going back to school to work on all the fucking stuff I have to do for school it is not normal how much.

Aaand I did almost nothing on school today, washed a lot of my clothes, cleaned my room, was really lazy. 

My best friend just went home, and i’m going to take a romantic bath with the how i met your mother series finale episode and my social psychology book. 

Pretty damn sure I passed my remake test.

Anonymous sent:

Hi i just wanted to say Good luck with your test tomorrow( ´ ▽ ` )ノ you studied very hard for it so have more faith in yourself (°∀°)b I know you can make it - /(^ x ^=)\

Thank you

that makes me really happy! *hearts u*